Who Is The FASTEST Player In NBA 2K? Historic NBA Players Edition – Speed Test In NBA 2K14!

► We’re Putting The 18 Fastest Historic NBA Players To The Test!
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▼ List Of Players In This Speed Test Episode ▼

ᐅ K.C. Jones (90 Speed)
ᐅ Sam Jones (91 Speed)
ᐅ Lucius Allen (92 Speed)
ᐅ Julius Erving (91 Speed)
ᐅ World B. Free (90 Speed)
ᐅ Maurice Cheeks (90 Speed)
ᐅ Michael Jordan (94 Speed)
ᐅ Dominique Wilkins (91 Speed)
ᐅ Eddie Johnson (92 Speed)
ᐅ Spud Webb (95 Speed)
ᐅ Isiah Thomas (96 Speed)
ᐅ Tim Hardaway (91 Speed)
ᐅ Muggsy Bogues (91 Speed)
ᐅ Robert Pack (95 Speed)
ᐅ Gary Payton (92 Speed)
ᐅ Allen Iverson (99 Speed)
ᐅ Kobe Bryant (89 Speed)
ᐅ Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (91 Speed)

The races begin/end with the player crossing the start/finish line (baseline of the court) with his feet, not the basketball, knees, upper body or arms.

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