NBA 2K12 – How To Install : Ultimate Base Roster Mod V1 – V27 | Preview Teams | 2013 Rookies In 2K12

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More info on this mod:

Walk-through on how to install “Ultimate Base Roster V1 – V27” mod. This mod is only available for PC users. It does not work for NBA 2K12 on Xbox 360 or PS3.

1. For clarity:

➜ 2K12 Main Folder
On Windows 7 64bit: C: / Program Files (x86) / 2K Sports / NBA 2K12
On Windows 7 32bit: C: / Program Files / 2K Sports / NBA 2K12

➜ Saves Game Folder
C: / Users / Your Name / AppData / Roaming / 2K Sports / NBA 2K12 / Saves

In case you cannot find the folder like that, you can also type “%AppData%” in your Start Menu’s search bar and press enter. It will take you to your Roaming folder. From there you can open 2K Sports then NBA 2K12. You will see your “Saves” folder there.

2. Make a back-up of your NBA 2K12 files/folders.

Its something you should always do when installing a mod. In this case backup “Cache, Online Data, Saves & Shoes” … the entire folder basically. Also backup the whole 2K12 Main Folder too (never hurts). By backup I mean copy the entire folder(s) and paste them to a new location. Best is always on a different hard drive.

3. Download Part 1 – 4 files “Ultimate Base Roster V27”:

➜ Download link:

➜ Alternative Download links:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

4. Extract these 3 folders into your NBA 2K12 Main Folder:

➜ UltimateNBA2K12ModPack-PART1
➜ UltimateNBA2K12ModPack-PART2
➜ UltimateNBA2K12ModPackV27-PART3

Click yes if Windows asks to “Replace these files”.

5. Extract this folder into your NBA 2K12 Saves Game folder:

➜ UltimateNBA2K12ModPackKV27-PART4

You will see 3 sub-folders “Draft Classes”, “Expansion Teams” and “Rosters”. All the files from these folders need to be extracted into you NBA 2K12 Saves Game folder.

6. Take a breather !
➜ You are done with the most complicated part of this mod ! 🙂

10. Open NBA 2K12

11. Load the Roster & Settings
➜ Go to Options – load/save – load

Now load these 2 files in this order (top one is first to load):
➜ UltimateBaseRosterV27 (Roster)
➜ Unlock All Settings (Settings)

12. Enjoy the +250 Teams from this mod !!! 😀
➜ Game until your fingers start bleeding (please don’t, but it is an epic mod!)


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