If you’re a fan of mine and would like to support me in other ways besides watching my videos on YouTube, please consider using one/some of the links below. Some of the links, for example Kit & Amazon, work based on commissions giving you a chance to support me without having to directly send any contributions my way. Pretty awesome, right? 🙂

*all contributions will always go directly into improving my content*


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Amazon has an excellent affiliate program. If you live in any of the above countries and you want to buy something, click the link above and shop away! Anything you buy during your shopping session will grant me a small commission. Meaning you’d be able to support me by purchasing your favorite video game (or anything else really) and waiting for it to arrive in the mail. That’s it, you’ve already contributed towards me!
To explain, no money out of your pocket will go towards me, I’m actually receiving a tiny piece from Amazon’s share. Pretty cool right? 🙂

Link: NykeFaller Patreon

I’m not going to use Patreon to put a pay wall between my content and you guys. Everything on there, my videos, blog posts, and so on, are completely free for you to check out. However, if you do want to contribute towards what I do on YouTube, this website or other future endeavours, you can do so with a monthly contribution on my Patreon. Be it a buck or more, I appreciate all of them! 🙂

Link: YouTube Gaming Sponsor

YouTube now gives viewers the chance to directly support content creators they love watching the most through YouTube Gaming sponsorships. If you feel I belong in that group of creators you enjoy watching the most, feel free to become a sponsor of mine. But, do let me know on Twitter! I think a sponsor of mine should definitely get a follow from me. 🙂

Link: Kit “This Is My Gear” Page

Kit is an amazing plattform where I will be sharing all the products I use in order to create my videos. The advantage of Kit opposed to other places is that my entire equipment will be sorted neatly on a single page and updated frequently.
You may now wonder how you’ll contribute towards me by checking out my Kit page?
Through small commissions just like with Amazon if you decide to purchase one of the products I use to create my videos. 🙂

Link: Book a Hotel with Booking.com

Total longshot here, but if you ever need a hotel for a day or weekend getaway … feel free to use my affiliate link above. I always use Booking when making hotel reservations and noticed that they offered an affiliate program too. So that is how this happened right here, totally random … lol … 🙂


You may wonder how a simple follow, like, or subscription on my social media pages can help me out, but you’d be surprised, because it does really help out a lot. Being able to reach out to you guys through other channels besides YouTube is very important to me. I can’t always rely on YouTube, so having other ways to keep you informed during those times is crucial. Besides that, I love talking to you guys and I feel it is easiest to stay in touch on Twitter or Instagram. Do you agree?