★ NBA 2K12 My Player CAL – Surviving Friday The 13th While Playing Like A Million Bucks !

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Welcome to the journey aka the return of Vince Carter Jr !

In this episode Vince Carter Jr and the Orlando Magic are up against my nemesis Brandon Jennings and his Milwaukee Bucks. Not sure why, but I’m always struggling against this team. Jennings playing style is just to difficult for me to guard. Running around a lot, using screens, going for open 3 point shots … and the list goes on. Basically everything that I have difficulties with due to the fact that my My Player is a very tall point guard. So screens are my worst nightmare, because we all know that you get stuck in those animations in NBA 2K12!

Anyways, I still managed to hoist up a lot of alley oop passes to my teammates, managed to throw down some huge dunks and the highlight of this game was definatly my double crossover which lead to an and1 finish! Amazing stuff! 😉

Alright, I hope you enjoy this episode! Make sure to leave a like and comment.

Cheers Nike


Intro/Outro song is from an amazing music producer called Awair and the song is “Die For You”.

His channel: http://youtube.com/Awair34

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