★ NBA 2K12 My Player CAL – Chris Smoove On The Houston Rockets ?? Is This A Fake Video ??

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Welcome to the journey aka the reincarnation of Vince Carter !

In tonights episode Vince Carter Jr faces the new look Houston Rockets. I’m not to sure yet about their current team, but you know what … only the upcoming season will tell. Hopefully they’ll be contending for a spot in the Playoffs.

This Create a Legend (CAL) NBA 2K12 My Player series has a lot of surprises. I have integrated the 2K12 Commentary All-Stars into their respective teams which they usually play for.

In this episode we are up against #27 Chris Smoove. Ya’ll know who he is and what he does. So this will be an epic battle for sure ! Jeremy Lin is his backup PG … yikes !

Alright, I hope you enjoy this episode! Make sure to leave a like and comment.

Cheers Nike

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